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We are currently working on 69 articles since March 25, 2013. WARNING! This wiki contains eventual spoilers.

The Godzilla World Wiki is aiming for becoming the best, most reliable and most complete wiki site about the loved and well known world of the original Godzilla-series from Toho, featuring the famous and loved Japanese Godzilla. This wiki plan to expand your knowledge on the Godzilla world.

Please remember:

  • This wiki is still under construction, you can improve this wiki and help this wiki expand by editing or adding pages.
  • This wiki is merely about the Japanese Godzilla and its universe and no other unrelated movie monster franchises.
  • When commenting on this wiki, please make sure that you have a good and nice behaviour. Bad behaviours are not allowed and can lead to your account being temporarily or permanently blocked.
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  • Please read our policy in order to learn about the rules and help making this wiki as good and reliable as possible.
  • Claims and statements in articles must be verifiable. Please provide references and reliable sources for your information.
  • Pictures on this wiki must be connected to the Godzilla universe and cannot show unrelated images. Such images will be removed.
  • Vandalism, rude and intimidating language/behaviour and editing wars are not acceptable. It will result in either that the page will become locked or the users will be blocked temporarily or permanently if necessary.
  • Spamming, uneccesary or duplicated information cannot exist and must be removed to avoid confusion and an uneccesary use and amount of articles. Before you create an article please make sure that what you're about to write hasn't already been written in a previous article.

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